People’s Assembly

The People’s Assembly is the decisionmaking body of Brown Hope, and consists of Black, Brown, and Indigenous leaders. They are responsible for defining the organization’s mission, strategy, and goals. People’s Assembly members receive a real investment in their leadership, with annual cash stipends for their participation. The work operates with 100% consensus, to ensure the value of every voice, and bolster the strength of our collaborative solutions.

Membership: TBD

Board Members

The board of directors is a legally required structure for nonprofits. The board members of Brown Hope are informed and consent to the organizing principles of Brown Hope, doing everything in their power to support the decisionmaking structure of the People’s Assembly.

Hectoria Cherisme
Fabiola Casas
Mustafah Finney


Staff are responsible for implementation of Brown Hope’s mission.

Cameron Whitten, Lead Advocate

Action Team

The Brown Hope Action Team is established with an intentional goal of advancing the mission of Brown Hope. The Action Team serves as a space for Black, Brown, and Indigenous people to work directly with racially privileged people in the pursuit of justice as a lived experience. We specifically call on racially privileged people to work within the Action Team to leverage their race-based privilege to help create just outcomes. With this specific call, we still welcome everyone to participate in the Action Team.