12 Principles of Hope

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12 Principles of Hope


All Black, Brown, and Indigenous people are harmed by the disease of white supremacy. We work with a trauma-informed approach, determined to shift culture in a way that undermines institutional racism and the societal complicity that preserves it.


Our ancestry and our traditions have been stolen from many of us, yet our bond persists. As we continue the work we’ve inherited, we are resolved to create a better future for our unborn generations.


We seek self-determination: to define ourselves, and speak for ourselves, and to name what justice is to us. Transformative leadership requires representation from those who are most impacted by injustice.


We embrace the diversity of ideas and experiences that make our community. We use consensus in our collective decisionmaking to affirm the value of all participants.


We aim to hold others accountable by modeling how we hold ourselves accountable. When faced with injustice, we respond with community interventions that honor the humanity of everyone involved.


Love nourishes us, reminds us of our humanity, and moves us into action. Our principle of love equips us with an alternative narrative to contrast the fear and greed that drive injustice.


We do not live single issue lives. Our work honors the multiple layers of our identities, and centers the experiences of those who live at the intersection of marginalized identities.


By leading a truthful and transparent movement, we open ourselves up to transformation. Our authenticity grants us the ability to champion truths that cannot be ignored.


Resilient, sustained action is necessary to make justice a lived experience for all. We commit to healing, reflecting, and evolving in preparation for the marathon of justice.


We will not wait for a seat at the table. While the holders of power continue to fail to address injustice, we commit to developing bold strategies and taking initiative.


In order to access justice, we must build an assertively inclusive movement. We seek to create opportunities for all to participate, across abilities, cultures, languages, and family status.


In our abundant world, there is more than enough for everyone. We reject gradual change as a response to the crisis of global suffering. With the highest expectations of ourselves and others, we offer bold solutions for collective prosperity.