Reparations Happy Hour

SUCCESS! We had 40 Black, Brown, and Indigenous people attend our inaugural event and who received $400 in Reparations. Cameron gave an excellent presentation and the social environment was light and focused on healing.

The event has received the attention of national and international news sources, like the New York Times, Fox News, and the Oregonian. We have now become the target of hate speech, harassment, and trolling by alt-right groups and white supremacist organizations. We created this FAQ page to shed a light on certain mischaracterizations promoted by the media about the Reparations Happy Hour.

We know what kind of environment we live in, and are unfazed in our commitment to POSITIVE racial justice organizing.

Our next event will be the Reparations POWER Hour, June 20th, 6-8pm at Back to Eden Bakery. RSVP here!

Brown Hope Official Nonprofit Kickoff

We have a official kickoff date – Tuesday, June 19th (Juneteenth!) 6-8pm at Unite Oregon (700 N Killingsworth St). This will be a prime opportunity to celebrate our successes so far, raise dollars to support the cause, and further introduce our work to the community. RSVP here.

Monthly Community Strategy Session is Tomorrow!

Join us for our third monthly meeting of the Brown Hope Action Team at Sons of Haiti Lodge on Wednesday, May 30, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm (3503 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, Oregon 97227). Food and drink will be provided. Invite a friend and RSVP here!  

The Brown Hope Action Team is established with the intentional goal of advancing the mission of Brown Hope. The Action Team serves as a space for black, brown, and indigenous people to work directly with white people in the pursuit of justice as a lived experience. For the Action Team, we specifically call on white people to leverage their privilege to help create just outcomes for black, brown, and indigenous people. Regardless of this call, we welcome people of all racial identities to participate in the Action Team.

If you're unable to attend, consider making a donation heredonorbox.org/brownhope

Be a Hope Giver

Our circle of Hope Givers is growing! We already have four generous donors who are offering their support in launching Brown Hope’s People Assembly. Will you join us in making this key program of Brown Hope happen?

The People’s Assembly of Brown Hope will be an education and empowerment tool to invest in the leadership of black, brown, and indigenous people in our Portland community. People’s Assembly members will be paid a $300 stipend each, and will meet monthly to lead the vision and policymaking of Brown Hope. We are seeking 20 contributors who will give at the $500 Hope Giver level, which will empower us with the resources to work with 18 People’s Assembly members, representing the beautiful diversity of Portland, for one year. Visit www.brownhope.org/hopegiver/ to learn more about becoming a Hope Giver.